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Mike McDermott

Mike McDermott
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During a career of more than 30 years as director and CEO of small but complex building societies, Mike has gained broad experience in successfully running financial services organisations. Versatile and energetic, Mike is a multi-faceted hands-on manager, dedicated to excellence in customer service and now providing a mentoring service for developing individuals.

Core Competencies include:

Corporate Governance - Board effectiveness reviews designed for the specific needs of mutual, charities and SMEs. Director and sub-committee Chair.

Risk and Compliance - Oversight and management of the risk framework to ensure it is effectively embedded across the business. Extensive knowledge of mortgage regulation and the relevant PRA/FCA sourcebooks.

Strategic planning - Strategic planning including 1-5 year plans, budgeting, risk assessments.

Change Management - Strong leadership and project management skills including the ability to change, transform and develop businesses.

Operational expertise - Systems orientated, refining and simplifying processes to achieve optimum efficiencies.

Mentoring - SFEDI-registered mentor providing personal and professional support to new and developing businesses (MIOEE award).

Key career roles include:

Key Projects and assignments

Call: 01246 580434
Email: mike@mcdermott-solutions.co.uk
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